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Our Ice Cream Tuk Tuk: Make Pinkie Wink

For those living in the Bristol area, you may have spotted an adorable looking tuk tuk who answers to the name of Pinkie. Run by River Mace, daughter of the founder of Booja-Booja who was extremely busy last winter developing and creating this beautiful little Booja-Booja moment.

TUK River

Our Booja-Booja Events tuk tuk, painted in an edible shade of pink, is now available for weddings, events, festivals, fetes and general shindigs in Bristol, serving up award-winning exquisite organic Booja-Booja ice cream, which is dairy and gluten free.

TUK scoops

Pinkie will, for now, only operate within the City of Bristol cos she is small, shy and rather slow. Don’t forget to give her a toot when you pass!

If you don’t live in the Bristol area, never fear. You can also find your Booja-Booja ice cream hit in independent health food stores, Ocado, Holland and Barrett and Waitrose at an RRP of £5.99 (500ml) and £1.99 (110ml).


For more information about Booja-Booja Events head to the new dedicated page on our website.

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