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Where do our ingredients come from?

Booja Blog|Cacao Trees in Ecuador|Where do our ingredients come from?

Our ingredients are all important.

We have 22 ingredient suppliers in 12 countries supplying 34 different ingredients. We develop longterm professional relationships of trust with our suppliers and many are longstanding friends. This is because this is how we like to do things and also it is enlightened self-interest. We are absurdly dependent on them: we do not have a back-up supplier for many of our key ingredients.  That is not for want of looking. It is just that as pioneers of health aware deliciousness we often have to go out on a limb to do something new and better. And sometimes there is only one company that can supply what we need to the quality we need. Our Matt and Ben have a creative challenge ensuring that we have the right ingredients in stock whenever we need them. And then there are storms, pestilence, floods and delayed ships.

So we like to develop longterm relationships of cooperation, trust and openness with our suppliers. We are also extremely focused on managing quality. This is essential when importing an array of ingredients from around the world. Jane, our highly experienced Technical Manager, ensures that all deliveries meet our exacting standards for quality and safety. This involves a lot of tasting and a lot of scientific testing.

Here is some more about a few of our key partners:


Persian Dowery


  1. Jane Brand

    This is all very good to hear, but you don’t mention where your cocoa comes from?

  2. Claire

    Hi there. Can you please tell me if you sell the raw cocoa bean or nibs for consumption? Or if not, where would you reccommend I can purchase good quality, ethically harvested cocoa bean/nibs please?
    thank you

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