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Rhubarb & Vanilla Fool Chocolate Truffles in their new Chilled Collection packaging.

The Free From Food Awards are designed to celebrate the innovation and imagination shown by the food industry in creating foods that are free of wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts, soya, sulphites and other allergens. They’ve been running for 8 years and we are delighted to have come home with at least one award every single year to date.

The Awards are run by FreeFromFoodsMatter, an independent website packed full of information about Free From Foods including directories, new product reviews and the latest news and research.

This year, we entered 3 categories and were awarded a HIGHLY COMMENDED in all of them.

One of the lovely things about these awards is that we get great feedback from the judging panel, which is made up of Free From Food specialists, chefs, cookery writers, nutritionists, dietitians and ‘everyday’ people who live with special dietary needs. We’re so chuffed with the overwhelmingly positive comments from the judges that we want to share them with you:


The Innovation Award:

Booja-Booja Chilled Chocolate Truffle Selection

‘The first freefrom chilled truffle I’ve seen – comes so much closer to that wonderful soft creaminess of a traditional fresh truffle.’
‘Some really fun and unusual flavours which work surprisingly well in combination with cocoa.’ 

Highly Commended 2015 (innovation award, Chilled Truffles)


Desserts & Puddings:

Booja-Booja Pompompous Maple Pecan Ice Cream Alternative

‘Goodness ME this is a treat! Very unexpected as this is nut-based.’ ‘Good flavours, really enjoyable, didn’t taste remotely ‘freefrom’!’ ‘Amazing – so few ingredients.’ ‘Smooooooooth, creamy and tasty.’

Highly Commended 2015 (Maple Pecan)


Confectionery & Chocolate:

Booja Booja Rhubarb & Vanilla Fool Chocolate Truffles

‘Sharp, discernable rhubarb, light vanilla flavours.’ ‘A zingy combo!’ ‘Very pleasing combination of crunchy shell and smooth ganache filling.

Highly Commended 2015 (confectionery, rhubarb truffles)


If you’d like to find out who else was recognised by the Free From Food Awards this year just follow this link to their website. And if you’re a ‘free from’ foods consumer and want to keep up to date with all the latest news from Free From Food Matters you might like to follow them on Facebook or Twitter.


  1. Lorna Richardson

    On the 5th/6th Jun 2015 I had a very bad reaction to eating the Pompompous maple pecan ice cream, At first I had a funny feeling in my hands they then became very hot and went red, I then noticed red blotches on my elbows and knees and my face went red and hot. Nearly everywhere else on my body was covered in what looked like prickly heat. I needed to cool myself down with cool water. On both occasions I only ate about 4 teaspoons of the ice cream. the first time it happened I was not sure what had caused the reaction but when it happened a second time a day later within about 10 mins of eating it I was convinced it was the ice cream. I know I am not allergic to any of the listed ingredients and I have even eaten all of them in there raw state since having this reaction just to check that I have not become sensitive to any of them. I have had no further problems. ON the 6th June I phoned the shop where I had bought the ice cream and left a message they have not bothered to contact me in the last week. I bought it at Roots4life 16 Saville Row, Newcastle NE18JE . I was very disappointed that the shop did not respond to my call when there might have been another reason why I had a reaction to the product. It could have been contaminated in someway. I would appreciate a reply to this email and would like to know if there could have been anything else in this product that was not listed that could have caused my reaction. I am a vegan was was delighted to discover your ice cream which actually did taste very good so I am very disappointed with what has happened. Hope to here from your company very soon.

    • louise t

      Hi Lorna
      I am so sorry to hear of your reaction. I am going to pass this onto my colleagues straight away to look into and they will come back to you as soon as possible in response to your questions and comments.
      Please accept our apologies for the delay in coming back to you. I am afraid that we simply didn’t see your comment until now. I appreciate it doesn’t make the situation better but we will make a point of ensuring that we check for comments on a more regular basis going forward.

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