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Booja-Booja Spotting Bonanza!


We love spotting mentions of our delicious Chocolate Truffles and Ice Cream Alternative in newspapers, magazines and online. Over the last few weeks we’ve been delighted to see our products featured in so many ‘favourite’ lists, recipes and best buys, including the Evening Standard’s recent round-up (above).

We know we’re not the only people making dairy-free “ice cream” but we definitely agree with Red online, who say we’re the ‘leaders’ in this field

Red online 1


BBC Easy Cook magazine suggest a glass of pink fizz is the perfect partner for one of our Hazelnut Crunch Truffles

BBC Easy Cook, A Coll, jpeg


Meanwhile Woman and Home have had their eye on our gorgeous Chilled Chocolate Truffles

Woman & Home JPEG Version


Good Things magazine is also a fan of our new Chilled Collection

Good Things, May 2015 jpeg version


Green Parent magazine recommends our creamily delicious Ice Cream Alternative

Green Parent ice cream PNG version


BBC Good Food has got our Ice Cream Alternative on the menu

BBC Good Food, Feel Good Food to Share, JPEG version


The My Waitrose team has also been getting creative with our Ice Cream Alternative

My Waitrose, June 2015 cropped jpeg


Celebrity chef Rachel Khoo’s been singing our praises in the Daily Mail Weekend

Daily Mail, Rachel Khoo, JPEG version


And thanks to we now know that GVYN founder Ulrike Seeber is a Booja-Booja fan!

Elle UK, ice cream mention JPEG version


These snippets have certainly put a smile on our faces. Whatever will the next couple of months bring?

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