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Everybody wants to feel loved and included on Valentine’s Day. Here at Booja-Booja we’re a firm believer that everyone should celebrate Valentine’s, not only couples nor just those with certain diets. We offer a wide range of artisan chocolates for the cherished yet varied relationships in our lives. Luckily, the majority of the Booja-Booja range is gender-neutral and suitable for most diets, so can be given freely.

Multiple-taste award winners, our exquisite chocolate truffles are all made from the finest minimal number of organic ingredients and without preservatives or additives. Plus, they’re also vegan, dairy, gluten and soya free too, making them about as healthy as chocolate truffles can be.

Here’s our Valentine’s Chocolate Gift Guide, picking out some of the best boxes in our range to give to the various lovely people in your lives:

Valentine’s Chocolates for Colleagues (Two Truffle Packs)

2 Packs

Delicious organic truffles for those who want to give a small token that says, thoughtful and sweet. Incredible, melt-in-the-mouth artisan truffles; the range features three of the best-selling Booja-Booja truffles: Fine de Champagne with distilled organic Champagne; Hazelnut Crunch made with sweet roasted Italian Hazelnuts and Almond Salted Caramel, a dreamy combination of chewy gooey caramel and roasted Italian almonds. RRP of just £1.19


Valentine’s Chocolates for Friends (Six Truffle Packs)

69 slider v1

The perfect sized gift to give to friends and a welcome stash to any fridge; the Booja-Booja chilled chocolate truffle collection is a discovery of delight. The range features an array of gorgeously colourful boxes each containing six extraordinarily delicious chocolate truffles. There are two Truffle Selections and six single flavour boxes. RRP from £3.99


Valentine’s Chocolates for Sugar-Free Folks (Ecuadorian & Raspberry)

Dark & Rasp with raspberries & truffles

For anyone in your life on a sugar detox or reducing sugar in their diets, Booja-Booja’s Dark Ecuadorian are melt in your mouth chocolate truffles, made with 100% dark raw chocolate from Ecuador or Raspberry: Melt in your mouth fruity raspberry chocolate truffles made with 100% dark raw chocolate from Ecuador.  The real deal, sweetened only with unrefined organic agave syrup.


Valentine’s Chocolates for your Mum or Dad (Fine de Champagne)

Champ fb cover v1, cropped

A grown-up choice for those who would like to show Mum or Dad (or both) that they care. Booja-Booja’s classic yet undeniably inebriated Fine de Champagne truffles, ooze nothing but romance. Or paired with a bottle of bubbly, this combination is perfect for a celebratory Valentine’s. RRP of £9.49


Valentine’s Chocolates for Best Friends (Special Edition Gift Collection)

PI Violin and Booja

For those friends you just couldn’t live without! Booja-Booja Special Edition Gift Collection gift boxes are perfect. Each bold box is packed with award-winning, melt in your mouth organic chocolate truffles. There are two selection boxes: Truffle Selection No1 (rich, earthy flavours perfect for him) and Truffle Selection No2 (playful flavours perfect for her) and two single flavour boxes: Hazelnut Crunch and Fine de Champagne. RRP of  £12.95


Valentine’s Chocs for Your Entire Office (Booja-Booja Gourmet Selection)

Gourmet on fancy paper

For those trying to impress, say a heart-felt thank you or treat their colleagues, Booja-Booja’s Gourmet Selection will seal the deal. An extra-special treat, perfect for those in the office that didn’t get a card! A luxurious selection of 20 deliciously diverse chocolate truffles. There is a flavour for everyone. RRP of £16.99


Valentine’s Chocs for Your Partner in Crime (Booja-Booja Artist’s Collection)

Valentine's image 2017

Last but not least. If you do plan to send chocolates to your partner in crime, you need to go all out. Booja-Booja Artist’s Collection gift boxes are the most luxurious box in the range, perfect for those wanting to pull out all the stops. Each beautiful box is handmade by artists in Kashmir, India and packed full of award-winning, melt in your mouth organic chocolate truffles. A stunning gift in their own right, the square, wooden boxes make desirable keepsakes or can be used as jewellery or trinket boxes.  There’s a choice between Hazelnut Crunch featuring sweet, Italian roasted hazelnuts or deeply boozy Fine de Champagne. RRP of £19.99

Booja-Booja chocolate truffles can found in hundreds and hundreds of independent health food stores, farm shops and delicatessens across the land including all branches of Wholefoods and Planet Organic. You’ll also find them online at Selected Waitrose, Holland & Barrett and Sainsbury’s stores also stock selected lines. More details about the full range and an interactive stockist locator are available at




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