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Booja for Your Skin… coming soon!

We are very excited to announce an exciting new product coming soon to the Booja-Booja range. But this time, it’s not something to eat, it’s a treat for your skin.

The Booja-Booja face mask is being developed to harness the amazing antioxidant power of raw cacao to help nourish, cleanse and hydrate your skin. After months of hard work we were over the moon when our development team gave us a sample to try, well who wouldn’t want to cover their face in Booja-Booja chocolate?


fingers on chin, not smiling

The face mask is made using raw cacao, the same Ecuadorian cacao we use in our Dark Ecuadorian and Raspberry Chocolate Truffles. It comes from small, organic farms in Ecuador and has all sorts of fabulous qualities, not least anti-aging antioxidants. At this stage the mask is like a silky face cream; it’s easy to apply, deliciously smooth and cool on the face and smells gorgeous!

lying down, smiling

For maximum benefit the mask needs to be left to dry on the face for about 15 minutes. so it’s time to just lay back and let the cacao work it’s magic. We felt this was also the perfect time to indulge in one of our favourite chocolate truffles, to add to the luxuriousness of the whole experience!

lying down, eyes closed

After about 15 minutes, simply rinse the mask away with warm water and enjoy a very special Booja-Booja glow!

We couldn’t resist sharing our first try of this sensational new product, but please note that The Booja-Booja Raw Cacao Face Mask is not on the market yet. It will be launched later this year so watch this space for more news about it and of course keep an eye on the skincare shelves of your favourite, independent Booja-Booja stockist.



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  1. Booja-Booja

    Sorry to disappoint you but this is in fact an April Fool’s Day joke!

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