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Dairy Free and Proud of It

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At Booja-Booja we’re proud of our free from status. As well as being organic, all of our delicious products are dairy free, gluten free and soya free.

Our factory is dairy free and everything we make is dairy free. There is no dairy detectable in our truffles and dairy free ice cream alternative. We test for Casein (the protein found in cow’s milk) with a very high sensitivity test, to ensure that it is not present in any of our products.

We put a lot of time and energy into finding suppliers who will work with us to ensure that all our ingredients meet these high standards. Our suppliers run their own tests and we test on site here too, so we’re constantly keeping an eye on things.

Being dairy free makes our products accessible to many people who can’t usually enjoy the delights of delicious chocolate truffles and luxury ice cream. We’re committed to ensuring that people who need to avoid dairy and casein, due to allergies or intolerances, can enjoy Booja-Booja with confidence.

We’re also a vegan factory; our products do not include any animal products at all. We believe it’s possible to make delicious and enticing treats without the need for animal products so that’s what we do. All of our products are endorsed by the Vegan Society and carry their logo.

If you have any questions about our dairy free or vegan status, or anything else for that matter, please just ask. Email or call 01508 558888.


  1. ali haylett

    Lovely new website !!
    Thank you for being vegan 🙂


  2. Diane Lane

    Thank you for letting me have my chocolate fix without the guilt of hurting beautiful animals.

  3. Samantha Ross

    Finally found Gf Chocolate and ice cream that tastes just devine!! Thank you Booja Booja x

  4. Gry Ringset

    I´m in the beginning of starting up a webstore here in Norway with this preliminary website: I have been developing flour blends with Shipton Mills which will be on the market in the next month in Norway.
    I really like your product, and I wrote you last summer during my stay in London. My question is if there is possible for me to import your product, and how many ppm gluten your factory measure according to the Elisa Essay test.

    Kind regards

    Gry Ringset
    Gry Ringset
    Phone +47 92885724

  5. Hayden Gardiner

    Hi Booja Booja

    As a vegan, I was extremely excited to have come across your delicious, divine truffles!

    i was reading more about you guys on your website and from reading the “Dairy Free” section of your website, it seems that your products are made in a vegan factory. However, on the same section, you also state that you test your products to ensure that they contain less than 2.5 parts of casein (the protein found in cow’s milk) per million. This is confusing as how can animal protein be found in products imanufactured in a vegan factory?

    It would be great if you can please clarify.


  6. Louann and Paul Chapman

    Just received a wonderful Xmas basket full of your vegan chocolates!! We live in the U.S. and don’t have access to your delicious chocolate! Your brand surpassed all other chocolates that were included in the gift basket…truly! So wish we could buy them here!! Haven’t found any to compare with the quality of your product. Thank you!!!

  7. lynn bussell

    Delicious ice cream and what outlets sell your complete range?

    • louise c

      Thank you! You’ll find our full range in many good independent health food shops and online at

  8. Cahy Burton

    Hi Booja-Booja,
    I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your dairy free Fine de Champagne Truffles. They are gorgeous.
    It was such a treat when my niece arrived with a box for me on boxing day.
    They didn’t last long, unfortunately, because they are so delicious.
    It has been hard for me at Christmas, since becoming lactose intolerant in 2015 after a bout of scarlet fever, not being able to enjoy the usual chocolate treats.

    So, thank you again.

    Happy New Year

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