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Our Chocolate Making Friends in Ecuador

Booja Blog|Our friends|Pacari's Santiago Peralta and the cacao bean trees in Ecuador.

Our Friends in Ecuador — The cacao origins of our delicious organic chocolate truffles.

The raw chocolate used in our Dark and Raspberry organic chocolate truffles is made by our friends at family-owned Pacari Chocolate in Ecuador. This chocolate was the first ever chocolate to be produced by cacao farmers in Ecuador and is a result of five years joint product development and cooperation between Booja-Booja and Pacari.

Pacari Chocolate is built on strong socially and environmentally sustainable principles. Its founders Santiago Peralta and Carla Barboto have always been keen to ensure that what they do and the products they make support their local community and the land it farms. They are dedicated to the organic way and to preserving Ecuador’s prestigious native Arriba Nacional cacao; their chocolate is single-origin, made from this, the very finest of cocoa beans.

Booja-Booja and Pacari have been working together for more than five years, learning to understand each other’s principles and discovering a shared passion for quality, sustainability and fairness. The exciting and innovative partnership that now exists is the fruit of many hours of discussion and plans, visits both ways and much painstaking joint research and investment.

Pacari only works with small-scale cacao farmers, supporting their sustainable farming methods and paying them a premium above the market rate. Small-scale farming protects the genetic diversity of Ecuadorian cacao. Unlike plantation production it allows for cross pollination which strengthens the cacao trees and makes them less susceptible to plague and disease. Over many years Santiago and Carla have built up solid, trusted relationships with Ecuadorian farmers who are the guardians of Ecuador’s precious native cacao.

Like our friends at Pacari we at Booja-Booja are passionate about quality, and this is achieved by producing the chocolate in small batches using carefully selected beans. The chocolate is made using only Arriba Nacional cacao, which is native to Ecuador and renowned for its full taste, complex, fruity and floral notes. We have relished the challenge of taking this fine cacao and turning it into the delicious organic chocolate truffles you enjoy today.

Both companies are also passionate about health and wellbeing. This is why we have carried out extensive research and development to create this raw chocolate by processing the beans below 42°C, thereby retaining the renowned properties of the raw cocoa bean. Normally cocoa beans are roasted at over 100°C.

This is why we believe our Ecuadorian Truffles, the silky smooth Dark Ecuadorian and the fabulously fruity Raspberry Ecuadorian, are so very special. They really are a dream come true! There have been so many hurdles to cross along the way and many challenges to overcome but that’s what you expect when you’re in uncharted territory, working to achieve something nobody’s ever done before. We all had our hearts set on reaching our goal and in the end our determination, focus and passion has paid off. We are delighted to have found such great partners in Pacari Chocolate, we love our Ecuadorian Truffles and we hope you do too!

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  1. harold

    Buenos dias
    I will be in Ecuador from monday april20th and would really like to meet you, and-or visit wome of your facilites.

    Nuestro trabalho:

    Hasta luego
    Haroldo y Marion

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