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Enjoy Booja-Booja Deliciousness ‘On The Go’

Our beautiful new Two Truffle Packs have arrived, making it easier than ever to enjoy our melt-in-the-mouth chocolate truffles when you’re out and about. The new foil-wrap packs are designed to maintain the truffles in tip-top condition and seal in flavour which, together with chilled distribution and storage, ensures that they are just as delicious when you receive them as when they’ve just been made. They are perfect for a little lunchtime or afternoon treat; at your desk, after the gym or on the way home from the shops, transform your day with a little Booja-Booja moment.

RAW SQUARE mac book stack

The ultimate in snacking yumminess the Two Truffle Pack are available in three mouthwatering flavours: Hazelnut Crunch made with sweet roasted Italian hazelnuts;  Fine de Champagne inebriated with distilled organic Champagne and Almond Salted Caramel, a dreamy combination or chewy gooey caramel and Italian roasted almonds. Each truffle is made with just four or five organic ingredients and, as with all Booja-Booja products they are dairy, gluten and soya free. So whether you’re following a ‘free from’ lifestyle or just fancy a delicious little pick-me-up, look for the beautiful, brightly coloured Two Truffle Packs in the fridge of your local health food store.

Two packs with SRP, cropped

Priced at just £1.19 per pack, less than the price of a luxury snack bar, the new packs are an extension of our award-winning, colourful 6-truffle box range, which can also be found in the fridge.

Two packs with 6 packs, 8 flavours


  1. Bernadette

    How about the longer life ones in twos also I adore the box 1 variety and find the ones on the shelves and not refrigerated taste so much nicer… Not with so much coconut taste

  2. Olga M.

    Dear Booja-Booja! I would Live to buy some. But Im living in USA, Alaska. 1830 N Patsy St.#1. Wasilla AK 99654.
    My BoyFriend start call me Booja, before we know about you Booja- Booja. Now after we know about you, we would love to try Booja-Booja !!!! Thanks !!!

    • louise t

      Hi Olga Unfortunately our products aren’t as yet available in USA. Hopefully one day though!

  3. amanda

    PERFECT – I buy your 6 packs and carefully open them a strip at a time. The only request I have is: please can you release the rum and raisin in smaller packs??

    If you ever need a taster please do not hesitate to contact me 🙂 I LOVE your chocolates

    • louise t

      Thanks for your feedback Amanda. I will pass on your comments about the rum and raisin flavour!

  4. ann holmes

    where can I buy your two truffle packs in London

    • louise t

      Have you tried your local independent health food store? They are available via Planet Organic and Wholefoods too.

  5. Natasha Ely

    I would also volunteer my services as a taster as I am sure a yen who has ever tried your chocolate would!

    I love these new two packs, ideal as I always carefully peel back the cover on the sixes and have my daily treat, this will help that! Will they be selling them everywhere in the UK?

    • louise t

      Thank you! Yes, they are available in independent health food stores across the country.

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