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Our brand new lusciously delicious dairy free ice creams have arrived. Even the most elaborate premium dairy ice creams have met their match as we take dairy free ice cream into a whole new world, bursting with schmoozles of nutty caramel sauces, trumpets of rippling raspberries and swoons of truffley swirls. We are very proud of our new flavours and hope you enjoy them too. Oh and pretty, pretty new packaging as well, designed by our inhouse creative team. Who needs ‘premium’ dairy ice cream?

570x570 csc

After a year and a half’s intensive development, new recipes, new ingredients, new processes (and lots of hard work taste testing!) we are delighted to reveal four brand new flavours; Caramel Pecan Praline, Raspberry Ripple, Chocolate Salted Caramel and Hazelnut Chocolate Truffle. Alongside these, our popular favourites Hunky Punky Chocolate and Keep Smiling Vanilla M’Gorilla complete the range. And because we can’t keep making everything we have stopped Coconut Hullabaloo, Pompompous Maple Pecan and Feisty Rollercoastery Ginger. We know that these farewells will be sad news to some of you. Apologies. But we hope you cheer up soon when you discover the new arrivals. Each flavour is made with just a handful of the finest organic ingredients and they’re all dairy free, soya free, gluten free and made without refined sugar. In short, ice cream doesn’t get much healthier – or more scrumptious – than this!

Booja-Booja Small Ice Cream

And of course a new generation of dairy free ice creams deserves beautiful new pots, so we’ve been busy making sure that the outside of our ice cream tubs do justice to the yumminess inside. Our new pots are colourful and bold with intricate hand-drawn patterns and layers of enchantment inspired by the beautiful schmoozles and dreamy chwoozles of the ice cream itself.

Caramel Pecan Praline

Instead of using dairy based ingredients, all of our ice creams are made using cashew nuts, which are blended together to make a creamy base. We then use a select few vibrant, organic ingredients to create each uniquely individual flavour. Instead of sugar we use agave or coconut syrup to provide a gentle sweetness and we don’t add stabilisers, emulsifiers or flavourings – we like to keep it simple and natural. What’s more these gorgeous new ice creams have at least 70% less saturated fat than the leading dairy ice cream so they’re not only a match for them when it comes to taste!

New Ice Cream, greengrocers instagram post

We have just sent the first batches to our wholesalers and they are now finding their way through to our independent stockists. Please be patient and ask in your local store if you can’t see them. Additionally all large flavours will be available from Ocado next week; some will be in Waitrose from mid October, and we’re waiting for confirmation on flavours and timings from Holland and Barrett. So discover, indulge and enjoy and don’t forget to let us know what you think too, by posting on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the #boojabooja.


  1. JoBi

    Wow, I love the new ‘Caramel Pecan Praline’! I found it in Whole Foods yesterday and it made my day. I haven’t had caramel pecan ice-cream since I became vegan 10 years ago. Love it! Thanks Booja-Booja. Am looking forward to trying all the other new flavours :o)

  2. Jo

    Hi there. Who is stocking the big tubs? Does whole foods Piccadilly have them? Thanks for the divine ice creams x

    • louise c

      Hi Jo, yes, all Wholefoods stores should have the large tubs of our Dairy Free Ice Creams. So glad you like them!

  3. Sharlene

    OMG! This has just made my day and kind of ruined it because now I’m distracted thinking about how I can get my hands on these new flavours. Ocado here I come!! So exciting. Love the packaging too. Well done Booja Booja 🙂

    • louise c

      Hi Sharlene, thanks for your lovely comment. You’ll be pleased to know that all our new Dairy Free Ice Creams are now available to order on Ocado!

  4. Bernadette

    Recently tried the raspberry ripple … Soooo fruity and creamy … My second love….after chocolate of course …. Both better than ordinary dairy ice cream … Nothing compares!!

    • louise c

      Thanks Bernadette, it makes us happy to know that our dairy free ice cream is making you so happy!

  5. Sarah

    Love, love, love your ice creams. Can’t wait to try the raspberry ripple. Any chance making pistachio? Xxx

    • louise c

      Hi Sarah, it’s great to hear that you love our dairy free ice creams, thank you! We’ll make a note of your request for pistachio, but it’s not on the horizon at the moment I’m afraid.

  6. Colleen

    My family and I recently travelled to Ireland and your vegan ice cream was our favorite discovery! Do you sell your products anywhere in the United States? We are hooked- best vegan ice cream we’ve ever had!

    • louise c

      We’re so pleased you enjoyed our Dairy Free Ice Creams while you were in Ireland but we’re very sorry to say that they are not available to buy in the USA at the moment. Sorry. We hope you’re able to come back to Europe again soon and can enjoy them again then.

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