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Our Booja-Booja Christmas Bonanza wouldn’t be complete without a wonderful gift guide. So we welcome our second festive guest blogger Naturally Meghan with some truly tempting present ideas…

Buying Christmas presents can be tough, especially when you’re trying to find something to give to someone who has dietary restrictions or follows a cruelty-free lifestyle. You can’t just pick up the first box of chocolates you see because unfortunately the recipient probably wouldn’t be able to eat them. Even though I’ve lived a vegan lifestyle for over two years now I still find it difficult to buy cruelty-free and vegan gifts for my boyfriend, so for someone who has no idea about this way of living it could be quite daunting to come up with something to give to a vegan friend or relative.

Luckily I love buying presents for people so I’ve chosen my top ten cruelty-free goodies to help you pick some amazing Christmas gifts to give this year; this guide could also be helpful if you’re already vegan and want to introduce people to it gently, or you could even just treat yourself to a few things!


Nom Living Coco Bowls

Us foodies absolutely love gorgeous kitchenware so receiving something from the wonderful Nom Living would be a dream come true – try one of these coconut shell bowls for a unique gift.

GIFTS, Nom Living Coco Bowls

Nom Living Coco Bowls (£10 – £15)


Be Kind to All That Lives Art Print

Remind her why she’s vegan with this gorgeous art print by Jade Fisher. A beautiful and unique Christmas gift

GIFTS, be kind print

Be Kind to All That Lives Art Print (£20)



Thug Kitchen Cookbook

Even the people who are most averse to cooking will love this book; it encourages healthy eating in a way that will appeal to most young people – I really recommend this for a boyfriend or husband!

GIFTS, thug kitchen

Thug Kitchen Cookbook (£11.89)

Pitfield Vegan Mixed Beer Case

Did you know that a lot of alcohol isn’t actually vegan? This case of 12 bottles of vegan beer would make a great gift, especially on Christmas Day!


GIFTS, Pitfields Beer

Pitfield Mixed Vegan Beer Case (£38.95)



Choc Chicos Kit

This is a special raw chocolate making kit aimed at children – instead of giving them stacks of chocolate, why not give them one of these instead? Sure, it’ll be a bit messier but at least you’ll know your kids are eating all the right things!

GIFTS, choc chicos

Choc Chicos Kit (£9.99)

Set of 3 Animal Snack Boxes

Send your children to school with these animal-themed snack boxes, filled with lots of delicious and nutritious food!

GIFTS, animal snack boxes

Set of 3 Animal Snack Boxes (£5.95)


Booja-Booja Chocolate Truffles

Booja-Booja make the best vegan chocolate truffles, trust me. They’ve got a huge collection of different ranges, from the single-serve boxes containing two truffles to the large gift boxes containing 20 truffles, so there’s something for everyone.

GIFTS, booja almond

Booja-Booja Almond & Sea Salt Caramel Truffles

Nom Living Coco Wood Teaspoons

These teaspoons are made from the wood of the coconut palm tree and are absolutely stunning, as is everything else this amazing company makes. This set of four wooden spoons would definitely make a lovely little Secret Santa gift.

GIFTS, nom living spoons

Nom Living Teaspoons – set of four (£6)



La De Da! Living Vintage Teaspoon

If they’re a fan of tea or coffee then you know they’ll love one of these spoons! I have lots of vintage spoons from this company and they’re all gorgeous – you can also personalise the cutlery they sell to create an even more unique gift.

GIFTS, you are beautiful spoon

‘You Are BeauTEAful’ Vintage Teaspoon (£13)


‘Little Book of Superfoods’ by Neal’s Yard Remedies
This is a super handy little guidebook about the world of superfoods and what each of them is good for. A wonderful stocking filler for your superfoodie!

NY book superfoods
‘Little Book of Superfoods’ by Neal’s Yard Remedies (£3.50)


For more marvellous, cruelty-free gift ideas visit Naturally Meghan’s full GIFT GUIDE on her inspirational healthy lifestyle blog. 


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