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Ice Cream – The Queen of Breakfasts

Ice cream for BREAKFAST we hear you cry. Well, yes; it’s not as extraordinary as it might sound. We have actually been witnessing various breakfast-themed social media posts from our dear Booja-Booja fans lately and we totally get it. It makes absolute sense.

IG RRipple lid, breakfast

With our dairy free ice creams using just between 4 – 7 simple organic ingredients (depending on the variety) and made from ground organic cashew nuts instead of cream or dairy milk, this ensures a naturally creamy base that’s better for you; sweetened only with a touch of agave or coconut syrup. With fruit crumbles becoming an ever-popular dish for breakfast, adding some ice cream to your crumble, granola, fruit or morning smoothie for that matter, doesn’t seem like such an outrageous thing to do.

IG smoothie

We might be a little biased but if ice cream was ever meant to be eaten for breakfast, then our delicious, naturally creamy nut base is possibly the best match out there! Better still, all our dairy free ice creams take their cues from the most elaborate of premium dairy ice creams. Bursting with schmoozles of nutty caramel sauces, trumpets of fruity ripples and swoons of truffley swirls, our clean and wholesome recipes have only a handful of carefully sourced organic ingredients. So simple, so delicious.

IG BB pancakes shot

If you have any recipe suggestions or breakfast moments using our ice cream, please do tell us about it, remembering to tag us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter @BoojaBooja – we’ll feature a selection of our favourite posts.

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