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Time flies when you’re making chocolates. We can’t believe that it’s been nearly ten years since we started making chilled chocolate truffles and three years since we launched our full, beautifully packaged, pioneering range. It’s super important to us that our truffles reach you in optimum freshness, and ultimately, in a state of maximum deliciousness.  Truffles of this superior calibre deserve to be kept in a chilled environment. Just like all the best premium desserts, so that everyone can enjoy them at their Boojalicious best.

Chilled collection, Ella Stanley group

Although you now know that about our chocolates, there’s often some confusion about what other foods can be kept in the fridge. Here are just a few tips from Jane, our in-house technical guru, about how to best care for your produce:

1) MYTH or FACT? You can’t store bananas in the fridge.

YES and NO – it complicated.

 Bananas, pexels-photo-461208

Bananas should be kept in Pyjamas: That’s right, not in the fridge and not in the cupboard but in an exquisite set of pyjamas made from the finest cotton. (We are of course jesting.) Finding a banana seamstress can be tricky. Bananas are best ripened in a fruit bowl at room temperature. Bananas are not built for the cold so keeping them in the fridge will slow down the ripening process, in fact an unripe banana will not ripen in the fridge. That said, an already ripe banana is best kept in the fridge – the skin may turn black but the inside will be fine.

2) MYTH or FACT? Ripe fruits with stones should always be kept in the fridge.


 Cherries, pexels-photo-461252

Rolling Stones Fruits: It’s suggested that fruits with stones such as apricots, cherries and plums, should be kept in the fridge once they are ripened. This will ensure they last a bit longer.

3) MYTH or FACT? Nuts don’t need to be refrigerated

Not necessarily true!

 Walnuts, pexels, food-nature-autumn-nuts

Nuts about Snacking: Nuts are perfectly happy in the cupboard unless you’re planning on keeping them for a while. Then they become a bit grumpy. Nuts contain oils which break down and  can go rancid if kept too warm for too long. They’ll last much longer if you keep them (airtight) in the fridge.

4) MYTH or FACT? Garlic can be kept in a sealed part of your fridge’s vegetable compartment.

 Not true!

 Garlic, pexels-photo-416450

Except if you have Vampire Fridge Raiders: Unless you’d like to protect your fridge contents from passing vampires, it’s best to keep your garlic out of the fridge. Garlic will grow mould and turn soft when kept in the fridge. A dry, dark place is best.

5) MYTH or FACT? Coffee can be kept in the fridge.


 Coffee beans, pexels-photo-134577

For Freshly roasted Coffee Beans: There’s some debate about whether to keep your coffee in the fridge. Air, moisture, heat and light are enemies to your coffee beans.  You can keep coffee beans in the fridge as long as you have a truly airtight container, otherwise, they will take in moisture and the other scents dancing around in your fridge..

6) MYTH or FACT? Chocolate doesn’t need to be kept in the fridge.

It depends!

 Chilled no2 close up, open

All chocolate should be kept cool during the summer months or in well-heated homes. Most importantly, Booja-Booja should be kept in the fridge all year round, whatever the weather. We regularly make batches of our organic melt-in-the-mouth truffles, keeping them in the fridge keeps their vibrance and intensity at its best until you’re ready to enjoy them.

Always remember to remove your Booja-Booja truffles from the fridge for a short while, they’re better after  a 15 min warm up after being in the fridge. This is the optimum amount of time to allow your truffles (and you) to pause at room temperature.



  1. Emma

    I have always understood that Booja Booja chocolates must be kept in the fridge, but I bought some of the chilled collection in my local store recently and found that they are being kept on the shelves. Will they still be OK to eat?

    • louise c

      Hi Emma, sorry it’s taken us so long to reply to you. We’ve been experiencing some technical problems with our website. Thank you for your question. You’re right that it is best to keep our chocolate truffles refrigerated however our original truffles (the ones in black and gold boxes) are OK to be kept on the shelf as long as it’s a cool place. Our truffles will get heat damaged if they are kept anywhere too warm. To enjoy them at their best we recommend chilling them – but then give them about 15 mins to get back up to room temperature before enjoying them. We hope that helps. Best wishes.

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