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New Year’s Boojalution: A Heartfelt Goal to Live By

New Year’s Resolutions aren’t everybody’s cup of tea. They often start: “I will” or “I won’t” and end by February. This year we suggest making life smarter, not harder. Why not make one or two simple swaps to your diet, and instead of making a list of traditional resolutions, create one personal heartfelt goal to live by. It’s a well-known fact that we’re more likely to succeed or to be susceptible to breaking old habits if we approach change with a positive mind set.

Boojalution: Personal Resolutions

We admire the thinking behind “sankalpas”, a concept used in yoga practice. A sankalpa is an affirmation specific to you. It’s worded carefully and by its positive nature, encourages self-confidence, leaving you feeling motivated whilst you strive to reach your goal. Using a sankalpa is said to bring positive change into your life. We like the sound of that.

We also like the idea that it can replace traditional New Year’s resolutions. Here at Booja-Booja we’re supportive of simple and wholesome ideas (just like our recipes which use the minimal amount of organic ingredients).

Anyone can create a sankalpa, you don’t need to practise yoga. Try thinking up your Boojalution, as we’re calling it, the next time you have a quiet moment.

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How to Create Your Boojalution

Similarly to a sankalpa, make your Boojalution a short phrase that’s clearly expressed. Your Boojalution stays private to you and it’s suggested that you don’t share this with anybody. Sometimes other people’s feedback can add debate to our ideas and thoughts. Stay resolute, guard your goal.

Like a sankalpa…

  1. Keep your Boojalution to a short-phrase or sentence succinctly worded, focusing on your key goal
  2. Remember that your positive goal is designed to bring about a positive change in you
  3. Always use the same words every time and remember to keep your Boojalution to yourself
  4. Like a sankalpa, your Boojalution will remain the same throughout the year until your goal has been realised. Then, feel free to replace it with a new one.

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How to choose your Boojalution

  1. There’s no hurry, often people wait for their sankalpa (or Boojalution) to come to them naturally
  2. Your Boojalution might help you to change a habit or improve an aspect of your life or even make changes to your personality
  3. Simply understand what it is you want to achieve in your life
  4. Create it in the present tense, free of the past and free of the future
  5. Make sure you have a strong heartfelt desire and a specific intention.



Swap Your New Year’s Resolution         To a Boojalution

I want to be healthier                                   I am becoming perfectly healthy

I will not eat processed foods                     With compassion towards my body, I eat a wholesome diet.


Best wishes for 2018, you’ve got this!


Other Simple Swaps

If healthy eating continues to be important to you for 2018, you’ll be pleased to know that here at Booja-Booja our ice cream continues to be a health conscious choice for many reasons.

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Swap Dairy Ice Cream for Booja-Booja

Not only have our ice creams won multiple taste awards but they are also free from DAIRY, GLUTEN and SOYA. Plus, instead of using processed plant-based milks with additives, Booja-Booja’s ice cream bases are made using organic cashew nuts, which are blended together to make a creamy base.

Rather than a long list of stabilisers, emulsifiers, flavours and other chemicals, all six flavours are made with the finest, ingredients and without preservatives or other additives. Booja-Booja’s ice creams are made raw wherever possible.



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