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Where do our ingredients come from?

Booja Blog|Cacao Trees in Ecuador|Where do our ingredients come from?

Our ingredients are all important.

We have 22 ingredient suppliers in 12 countries supplying 34 different ingredients. We develop longterm professional relationships of trust with our suppliers and many are longstanding friends. This is because this is how we like to do things and also it is enlightened self-interest. We are absurdly dependent on them: we do not have a back-up supplier for many of our key ingredients.  That is not for want of looking. It is just that as pioneers of health aware deliciousness we often have to go out on a limb to do something new and better. And sometimes there is only one company that can supply what we need to the quality we need. Our Matt and Ben have a creative challenge ensuring that we have the right ingredients in stock whenever we need them. And then there are storms, pestilence, floods and delayed ships.

So we like to develop longterm relationships of cooperation, trust and openness with our suppliers. We are also extremely focused on managing quality. This is essential when importing an array of ingredients from around the world. Jane, our highly experienced Technical Manager, ensures that all deliveries meet our exacting standards for quality and safety. This involves a lot of tasting and a lot of scientific testing.

Here is some more about a few of our key partners:


Persian Dowery


  1. Jane Brand

    This is all very good to hear, but you don’t mention where your cocoa comes from?

  2. Claire

    Hi there. Can you please tell me if you sell the raw cocoa bean or nibs for consumption? Or if not, where would you reccommend I can purchase good quality, ethically harvested cocoa bean/nibs please?
    thank you

  3. Jamie Baker

    I have heard quite a lot that you utilize slave labour at some point during your manufacturing or purchasing stages, can you confirm that you do not. I don’t believe it at all but would like to see evidence. Thanks in advance.

    • louise c

      Hi Jamie, thanks for getting in touch. We’re extremely sorry that you’ve heard that we utilize slave labour as this is definitely not the case. We are committed to identifying and developing relationships with external partners founded in honesty, cooperation, tolerance and fairness. Please find below some more information about the chocolate we use and the colleagues with whom we work. We hope this will allay your concerns and give you confidence in us again.

      Ecuadorian Cacao Farmers:
      We have a long and happy relationship with friends in Ecuador who provide us with our very special Arriba Nacional Cacao Nibs and Beans. We are working closely with this community and have purchased machinery jointly with them so they can continue to grow and flourish in their business. In 2008 we received our first shipment of raw chocolate from our friends and business partners in Ecuador, which we are now using on our award winning Fresh Chocolate Truffles. This chocolate is the result of four years intensive product development, investment and friendship between Pacari Chocolate and Booja-Booja. Due to this long relationship with Pacari Chocolate we are able to guarantee that their products are not farmed using slave or child labour.

      Dominican Republic Cocao Farmers:
      We source the chocolate for our Ambient Range Truffles from a single source in the Dominican Republic. Our suppliers maintain stringent policies to ensure that child and slave labour is not used in the production of their product.

  4. Lesley Bradbrook

    Hi, I’m trying to source products which are palm oil free. Do you use palm oil or any of it’s derivatives in any of your products? Look forward to hearing from you, many thanks!

    • louise c

      Hi Lesley, sorry for the delay replying to you but no, we’re very happy to say that we don’t use any palm oil in any of our products.

  5. Giuditta

    HI, are you fair-trade? I can’t see the fair-trade logo in your website. Many thanks.

    • louise c

      Hi, you’re right, we do not currently use the Fair Trade logo. However trading fairly is essential to how we operate as a business and this is reflected in the array of relationships we have with suppliers around the world which often go far beyond the requirements of the Fair Trade standards. We are committed to identifying and developing relationships with external partners founded in honesty, cooperation, tolerance and fairness, served by effective communication.

  6. Jackie

    Hi, where can we see the list of ingredients for each product? All I can seem to access is the nutritional info (calories, fat, protein, etc). For each product, it just says that there are just a few ingredients, but it doesn’t say which ones. Thanks.

    • Kirsty

      Hi Jackie, each product page lists the ingredients for that particular flavour – for the truffles there’s a little list in a coloured square – usually second or third on the page. For the ice creams, there are 2 or 3 images which tell you what thee ingredients are on each individual flavour page. We hope this helps.

  7. Annie Edwards

    Hi there, I am in love with your Booja Booja ice cream. I was wondering if it was fair trade certified and how you ethically source cashew nuts as I am aware they are problematic to source and farm safely and sustainability. Thanks a lot!

    • Kirsty

      Hi Annie, we pride ourselves on trading fairly, although we don’t hold the Fairtrade accreditation. We have to provide evidence of methods used by our suppliers to the Vegan Society and the Soil Association to get our accreditation with them.

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