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Made with just 4 or 5 simple ingredients, dairy free, gluten free and organic, our multi award-winning Ice Cream Alternative range is the clean-eating answer to ice cream lovers’ prayers.  From bestselling cookbook author ‘Deliciously Ella’ to McBusted sensation turned children’s author Tom Fletcher, Booja-Booja Ice Cream Alternative is fast becoming the go-to dessert for anyone wanting a wholesome take on ice cream, without sacrificing taste and deliciousness. High profile fans include Brit Award winning singer Ellie Goulding, YouTube sensation Niomi Smart, actress Charlotte Ridley and film star Natalie Portman to name but a few.


Ellie Goulding Sept14


There are 5 intensely delicious varieties, each one the result of a meticulously honed recipe and each one containing just 4 or 5 simple ingredients, used raw wherever possible. The entire manufacturing process takes place below 42°C to retain nutritional value and our Ice Cream Alternative is made without refined sugars, using only natural, plant-based agave syrup to provide a gentle sweetness. At the heart of each recipe are cashew nuts – a great source of protein and high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals – blended to achieve a rich, creamy base, which is then transformed by the addition of other vibrant, natural products to create these fabulous flavours:

Keep Smiling Vanilla M’Gorilla                 sublimely smooth and fragrant

Hunky Punky Chocolate                           deeply rich and truffley smooth

Coconut Hullabaloo                                  sundrenched island creaminess

Feisty Rollercoastery Ginger                    enliveningly fresh, succulently smooth

Pompompous Maple Pecan                      fabulously rich, creamily smooth


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Following the huge success of Hunky Punky Chocolate and Keep Smiling Vanilla M’Gorilla selected Waitrose stores will also start selling Feisty Rollercoastery Ginger – made with succulently fresh, juiced ginger root – from June. The range is also available from around 1000 health food stores, farm shops and delicatessens throughout the UK as well as fine food halls such as Harvey Nichols and online from Ocado and Hunky Punky Chocolate, Keep Smiling Vanilla M’Gorilla and Coconut Hullabaloo are also available from most Holland & Barrett shops. For more details of your nearest stockist just visit our Stockists page.


mini pot of coconut, instagram


Each day people from all walks of life are discovering this revolutionary range and sharing their love of it on blogs and social media; smitten by the creamily delicious taste and amazed by the incredibly minimalist ingredient list. The growing buzz around our remarkably clean, intensely delicious range means that Summer 2015 looks set to be a busy one, so here’s to sunshine, smiles and our Ice Cream Alternative!



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