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Share your #boojamoment

This Summer we’re celebrating the #boojamoment; the moment when you treat yourself to some wholesome deliciousness; the moment when you delight your senses with a something truly exquisite; the moment you sit back, relax and enjoy… just because! Our Two Truffle Packs are designed to make it easier than ever to enjoy a #boojamoment. Foil wrapped and chilled for ultimate deliciousness they are easy to enjoy whenever and wherever you want; at your desk, on your lunchbreak, in the park, on the beach, sitting on the sofa, relaxing in the garden or cosying up in bed. It’s your moment to enjoy as you want.


Of course you can also enjoy a #boojamoment with our gorgeous Dairy Free Ice Cream, available in three mouthwatering flavours in snack-size pots.

110 ml with sunglasses WITH BOOJAMOMENT

So share the love and share your next #boojamoment by posting a picture on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #boojamoment and tagging @boojabooja. Not only could you help to inspire other people to take some time out for themselves but we’ll be on the look out for #boojamoment posts, with some scrumptious truffles to give to some of our favourites!

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