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It’s official, our Rum Sozzled Sultana Chocolate Truffles are ‘THE BEST VEGAN CHOCOLATE’ according to the Vegfest UK Awards 2015. This award makes us extremely happy because it’s voted for by YOU, our wonderful customers. We’re absolutely delighted that more than 1100 of you took the time to vote for our scrummy truffles online, giving them the support they needed to beat nine other chocolatey products to this prestigious title.

Rum Sozzled Sultana Chocolate Truffles pack from the Four Corners Collection

Our Rum Sozzled Sultana Truffles are made with just 6 simple ingredients, blended together by our talented truffle-making team to produce the juicy bites of yumminess you know and love. There’s something particularly luscious about the combination of smooth, dark chocolate, sweet, plump sultanas and mellow, spicy rum that makes these truffles exceptionally alluring.

Delicious open Rum Sozzled Sultana Chocolate Truffles.
We choose our ingredients with great care and attention and we use sultanas in this recipe because they are larger and sweeter than their culinary cousins, the raisin. We then steep them in fine, flavourful rum until they are bursting with befuddled booziness and ready to balance the smooth richness of our single source, Dominican Republic chocolate. In short, these are not old fashioned ‘rum and raisin’ chocolates under another name, we call then ‘Rum Sozzled Sultana’ because that’s exactly what they are; succulent, seductive and sumptuous. And it seems we’re not the only ones who love them. Thank you to everyone who voted for these gorgeous truffles. If you’ve not tried them yet just pick up a box today… you’re in for a treat!

Rum Sozzled Sultana Truffles

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