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Spread the Love… Write a Review!

Have you ever bought our delicious Chocolate Truffles or Alternative to Dairy Ice Cream online? There’s something rather lovely about ordering your favourite treats from the comfort of your own home and looking forward to the delivery of delights arriving on your doorstep without having to lift more than a finger or two… mmmmmm

Shopping online also gives you the opportunity to write product reviews; to tell other shoppers what you like and why you think they might want to choose some of the things you love for themselves. So if you’re a fan of Booja-Booja (and we do hope that you are!) why not spread the good news and give our chocolates a little write-up next time you’re doing an online shop? We’ll be honest, it would make our day!

Need a little inspiration (aside from our gorgeous goodies of course)? Here are a few recent reviews from

This one’s in praise of our Fine de Champagne Truffles:


Rating:5 star out of 5

10 December 2014

These are amazing!

Not normally a fan of truffles but these are amazing! I have tried quite a few of the other flavours but these are by far my favourite and the champagne comes through without it being too alcoholic. Rich, creamy and no dairy or nasties!! .


And these shoppers love our Hunky Punky Chocolate and Feisty Rollercoastery Ginger Ice Cream Alternatives:


Rating: 5 star out of 5

20 January 2015

a dream!

Thank goodness, a decent dairy free ice chocolate ice cream! Very tasty and smooth. Best on the market in my opinion.


Rating:5 star out of 5

13 January 2015


Lovely creamy taste, would never know it wasn’t dairy. Ginger is just right.


So if you think one of our products deserves a 5-star rating and little praise, please make your voice heard too. You never know, your review could be just the thing that makes someone give Booja-Booja a try for the very first time… like holding open the door and saying “come and join the party!” Now there’s a good deed for the day.


You’ll find our organic Chocolate Truffles and dairy free Ice Cream Alternatives at, and Happy shopping… and happy writing!


  1. Jean Young

    As someone who has many food allergies it is really great to have delicious alternatives to desserts and chocolates.
    I have enjoyed the coconut and chocolate ice creams several times but have just recently bought the hazelnut chocolate truffles.
    Wow they are amazing!
    Definately a great treat and I am looking forward to tasting the ginger ones; though I haven’t seen these available locally.
    I will consider ordering online.

    • louise t

      Hi Jean
      So glad that you like our Ice Cream Alternative and the Hazelnut Chocolate Truffles. You should be able to find the ginger truffles in your local independent health food store or online with Ocado or Goodness Direct.

  2. sara

    We discovered your hazel truffles on a friend’s recommendation, and couldn’t speak more highly of them or your chocolate ice ‘cream’, and so without hesitation I bought a box of the champagne truffles for my dairy-free husband’s birthday yesterday…
    and couldn’t have been more disappointed. Neither of us can finish them (very rare for us and chocolate!).
    They are so bitter and the alcohol is so over-powering that it swamps any other flavour. Devastated!

    • louise t

      That’s not what we like to hear Sara. I know my colleague has since been in touch with you by email about this.

  3. Lilian

    When I eat your truffles my mouth feels like it’s been transported to some divine world where pleasure is the only sensation and OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS it is wonderful.
    If my purse was bigger, I would be too. I would live on them (and I’m not joking).

  4. K Fraser

    Bewildered that a ‘free from’ vanilla ice cream is made from cashew nuts.
    Surely this should be advertised as a cashew nut ice cream … With a vanilla flavour.
    Potentially lethal!

    • louise t

      Thank you for your comments and raising your concerns with us. We’d like to come back to you with a response and will do this today by email. We’ll be in touch shortly.

  5. Karen lindsay

    I started buying these chocolates years ago from a local health food shop. They are totally delicious, I bought the ice cream from ocado not realising it was a free from product. My children absolutely love it straight from the tub or made into shakes with almond milk or regular milk. We have no allergies but it’s better than most ice creams. We love booja!

  6. Estreana

    My brother has been buying these chocolates for quite some time, however over Christmas, he overloaded the family with many different varieties and we were spoilt for choice. I can’t decide which was my favourite because I loved them all for all different reasons. The packaging, especially on the larger selections is as magnificent as the truffles. A small piece of heaven. Love, love, love!!!!!

    • louise c

      Thanks so much for sharing your love for our truffles. It’s wonderful to hear that you’ve enjoyed them so much over Christmas.

  7. Barbora

    Please never stop making your products! It is sad seeing some of the vegan alternatives disappearing from shops, but yours might be the worst to lose! They all taste like heaven!

    • louise c

      Thank you. Please don’t worry, we are not planning to stop making our delicious treats. We hope you’ll keep enjoying them for a long time to come.

  8. Michelle

    I’ve just tasted my first Booa Booja ice cream ! Had to message you to let you know it’s just awesome.

    • louise c

      Thank you, that’s lovely to hear. We’re so pleased you enjoyed it so much! We hope you enjoy discovering all six delicious flavours.

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