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The Tale of Mister Booja-Booja

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In a tiny town, not far away,

Not long ago, but not today,

There lived a chocolate maker man,

Who had himself a chocolate plan.

His desire was very grand,

To sell his chocolates ‘cross the land.

From Franklin Bay to Robert’s Beach,

From Tima Town to Flavuh’s reach.

The maker worked for many years,

From morn till noon, through sweat and tears,

To get the tastiness just right,

For utmost pleasure with every bite,

He mixed and tasted, one by one,

And tried so hard to get them done,

But as the chocolates appeared,

The one thing happened, he’d always feared.

They felt so nice, and smelt so great,

They tasted sweet and looked ornate,

But his one big dread, that made it tragic,

They didn’t have that special magic!

He tried again and changed the mix,

He tried all sorts to try and fix

The missing link, the magic part,

That would stand his chocolate far apart

From all the other chocolate stuff,

To change the taste was not enough.

He began to make a list,

To find out what the chocolates missed.

He searched high up, he searched low down,

In mountains, rivers, vale and town,

He travelled far, he travelled wide,

But he couldn’t get it though he tried.

Until one day, he just gave up,

And went back to his tiny hut.

He closed the door, sat down and cried,

There was nothing that he hadn’t tried.

And so the maker went to bed,

With thoughts of sadness in his head,

He had so wanted to succeed,

In creating the yummiest feed.

He drifted off, to sleepy land,

An empty choc box in his hand,

And dreamt of what it might have been,

If the answer, he had seen.

All was quiet in the hut,

The doors and windows, all tight shut.

And as the maker snored away,

Nighttime went and then came day.

It was quiet and peaceful all around.

And snow lay snugly on the ground.

Then, suddenly, he woke up with a start,

Joy and anticipation in his heart.

He heard a voice but not in his head,

So he crept downstairs to the chocolate shed.

And in the corner, stood a figure,

A broad smile and a nose even bigger.

The figure threw a piece of fudge,

But the maker man refused to budge.

“Who are you, and why are you here?”

“I am Mr Booja-Booja, my dear.

I felt a calling late last night,

I’ve come to help you in your plight,

You thought you were the chocolate man,

But I’m the Chocolate Master Plan!

To change the taste buds of a nation,

I’m all you need for your inspiration.

Just wait, I’ll give you what you need

I’ll help you with the perfect feed.

It won’t be easy and you’ll have to trust,

Your faith in me is a definite must.

Now, come, I’ll lend a helping hand,

It all comes clear when you understand.”


The two set out to make the best,

A chocolate to outshine the rest,

The maker man rolled up his sleeves,

And let go of his old beliefs.

And so the two men worked all night,

To get the chocolates tasting right.

With Mr Booja-Booja’s gift,

The chocolates had a certain lift,

A Booja something, Booja feeling,

Like giggling from floor to ceiling,

The maker man began to feel,

A warmth all-over, head to heel.

A feeling like he’d never felt,

That made his head and heart just melt,

This sweetest happiness began to run

Like chocolate in the midday sun,

“I understand where I went wrong,

I tried so hard, so very long,

Until you shared your recipe,

I didn’t feel the mystery.

I see it now, it all makes sense,

Making chocs is not intense,

I’ve been caught, in a circling search

That I thought was profound research.

It never could be satisfied,

No matter how I tried and tried.”

And then the maker man exclaimed:

“Of course, sir, that is why you came!”

Mr Booja-Booja smiled and waved,

Another chocolate maker saved!

He slowly disappeared into

A space unseen by me and you,

A place he always knew as home,

Back to his friend Unknown Jerome.

Within a year, the word had spread,

And people ‘cross the land had read

About the most amazing sweets,

And totally magnificent treats.

And to this day, those who have tasted,

Are glad this lifetime wasn’t wasted,

On merely superficial snacks,

Like bags of Kliks and bars of Klaks.

And all because the maker quit,

And just surrendered all of it,

He now had everything, and yet

I’m sure that it’s a certain bet,

If it all disappeared in a puff of smoke,

He’d see it all as one big joke,

Just happy that he had gone through,

The Booja-Booja of me and you.


  1. Anthony Penn

    What a beautiful story – I received, as a free gift, a wonderful ‘Booja Booja Truffle Selection No. 1’ with my last order with Goodness Direct. I shall be buying more of your treats from them in the future. Being an Organic eater, wherever possible, and a chocoholic your treats are the first chocolates I have been able to eat without feeling bloated for years.
    I am so pleased I have found you. Thank you so much Anthony 🙂

  2. Peter Robbins

    Do you offer factory tours ( and most of all , free tasting sessions ) ?

    • louise t

      I am very sorry but unfortunately we don’t offer factory tours. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for details of in-store tasting events.

  3. Ann Axon

    We have recently discovered your Booja Booja chocolates in our local Booths store and would like to say how fantastic the champagne truffles are. We will definitely be looking to buy more of your products and I will certainly be mentioning our new discovery to my friends.

    • louise t

      That’s great news Ann! Thanks for the lovely feedback. Glad to hear that you are enjoying the Champagne Truffles!

  4. Janet Ellison

    My daughter, son and grandson are all milk and soya intolerant and it was during a search to find delicious treats for them that I discovered Booja Booja. What a find! I am not dairy and soya intolerant but I am now addicted to your truffles too, they have a wonderful texture and the flavours are exquisite, a mouthful of sheer, unadulterated pleasure. We also tried your Hunky Punky Chocolate ice cream as a Christmas treat and this too is now on our must have shopping list. Life on a dairy and soya free diet can be very restrictive and boring with not many treats. Discovering your products has made a real difference especially to my daughter so a big Thank You.

    • louise t

      Thank you for the lovely feedback Janet. I am glad to hear that you and your family have discovered our products and are enjoying them so much!
      Louise, Booja-Booja


    I discovered Booja Booja in Holand and Barrett’s when looking for something outstanding and healthy. I wanted to give as presents to friends and family that were off dairy and were celebrating. I am so happy that I found your organic truffle selection NO:1 and the champagne truffles. The packaging is beautiful and one can tell straight away what a lot of thought and effort has gone into the production, of the whole experience. I am so impressed and satisfied that I gave really wonderful presents, that were beyond my expectations.. I will now share on Facebook and will look out for your many other products.. Thank you to the whole team.

    • louise t

      Thank you for the lovely comments. I am really pleased to hear that you liked our chocolate truffles. Booja-Booja

  6. Hannah

    Just celebrated my 37th birthday with lots of friends. Amongst the wonderful gifts I received there was a box of your champagne truffles. As a chocolate shop manager my friends tend to shy away from giving me chocolates as I’m usually dissapointed. Not this time! Gorgeous and who would know they’re free from diary! Cannot wait to discover more of your range.

  7. Geraldine

    First tried one of your truffles at the end of last year when someone was kind enough to share them at a charity coffee morning. Then yesterday I saw your chocolate ice cream in a health food shop and am so happy I decided to buy as it is oh so delicious. Will definitely try some other ice creams and be looking out for your products to give as gifts. Thank you.

  8. Luisa

    I looove the story of Mr. Booja booja and I am crazy about your chocolates! I have tried chocolates of different kinds and often times look for best best quality using clean and great quality ingredients and I most say your chocolates have been my number one for a long time! Just tried the new Caramel & Salt truffle and it not only the chocolate melt in my mouth but I felt I melt too! Thanks 🙂

  9. Vegan Tracy

    Great Poem, very Roald Dahl…;-D Thank You Unknown
    Great Vegan Organic Chocolates…Wish come True…Inspired…Thank You

  10. Howard


    I am a recent and super-impressed customer, thanks to a recommendation from a co-worker. Love your product and ethos. Is there a way to invest in your business?

    Thanks much – Howard

  11. Ursula Knnedy

    Wonderful, wonderful chocolates. I live in Ireland and I have been enjoying them for years now. I am a serious chocoholic (not intolerant of anything) and they are a very well balanced truffle and always very consistent. Have tried them all and my all time favourite is still the raspberry but why are the raspberry ones a third more expensive? Keep them coming.

    • louise t

      Hi Ursula Great to hear that you are such a fan and love the Raspberry Truffles. The Raspberry and the Dark Ecuadorian truffles are more expensive as they use different ingredients (including the chocolate which comes from Ecuador rather than The Dominican Republic) which enables them to be raw. I hope that explains things for you.

  12. Anna P

    Wow, what a discovery. I used only to eat Lindt Lindors but turning vegan meant no more luxury chocolate …… until now! Fabulous, I adore the champagne truffles and look forward to trying out all your other choices. Hurrah for Booja Booja.

  13. Megan J

    I recently bought another tub of your hunky punky chocolate ice cream and it’s still the best dairy free alternative I’ve found! So yum! I’m am yet to try the truffles, but I know I will end up eating the whole box if I do…

  14. Jane Baird

    Loved the story of the Booja-booja man and loved the chocolates even more. Look forward to tasting the ice cream. Thank you.

    • louise c

      Thank you. We hope you keep enjoying our chocolates and dairy free ice creams for a long time to come!

  15. Jenny Hucklesby (was Baker)

    Hi, just found your site from woman and home magazine. How nostalgic, I worked for the company packing those quaint little wooden boxes many years ago, right at the beginning of your amazing journey. Such fond memories of bo h the fantastic crocs and lovely people. Will certainly be buying some for Christmas.

    • louise c

      Hi Jenny, thanks so much for getting in touch. It’s lovely to hear from someone who was part of Booja-Booja at the beginning of our exciting journey. We’re glad your memories of working with us are so happy and it’s great to know that you’re still enjoying our truffles. We hope you like the new flavours, and of course some of the original favourites are still going strong too! Keep well and happy and thanks again for saying hello.

  16. Laura Biding

    Is there anything nicer than your salted caramel truffles? I don’t think so. I have just discovered these and am instantly addicted. Being a vegan can be a bit limiting at times, but not any more, thanks to Booja Booja. Your chocs are unbelievably yummy.

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  18. Lesley Farmery

    Having been diagnosed with cancer end of May and under going chemo my taste buds changed, I went from being a chocoholic to not being able to tolerate eating chocolates. Then my brother sent me as a gift for Christmas a box of ‘The Gourmet Selection’ with trepidation I opened them ate one, then another, I had to be strong not to eat them all in one go. They are yummy, delicious fabulous, scrumptious. I could go on. I deffo will be buying some more adding them to my birthday and Christmas lists. Thank you

  19. Lesley Farmery

    Having been diagnosed with cancer end of May and under going chemo my taste buds changed, I went from being a chocoholic to not being able to tolerate eating chocolates. Then my brother sent me as a gift for Christmas a box of ‘The Gourmet Selection’ with trepidation I opened them ate one, then another, I had to be strong not to eat them all in one go. They are yummy, delicious fabulous, scrumptious. I could go on. I deffo will be buying some more adding them to my birthday and Christmas lists. Thank you

    • louise c

      We’re so pleased to hear that you’ve enjoyed our truffles so much, thanks so much for letting us know. Good luck with all your treatment. We hope it’s successful and that you make a full recovery. And we hope that our truffles can help to keep you smiling along the way.

  20. Daphne

    I received an Amazon gift certificate for my birthday in November. After searching around I decided to spend it on fine chocolate. I eat a little dark chocolate everyday, but since it was a birthday gift I wanted something special. I decided on a Booja Booja gourmet collection box. It took over a month to get (looked like it went through customs in Sweden??), but OMG so worth the wait. It is now January and I have 3 left as I only eat one a day, and sometimes I skip a day to make them last – I’m very good at stretching out a good thing. These are the best truffles I’ve ever eaten. I will order more!!

    • louise c

      Thank you for letting us know how much you liked your Gourmet Selection. It’s always lovely to hear from people who’ve fallen in love with our truffles. We hope you continue to enjoy them for many years to come!

  21. Luxury Organic Chocolate | This I Love

    […] What’s more to love is that Booja-Booja are passionate about how they go about things. As a company, respect and kindness are close to their hearts and guides everything that they do. Read Mr Booja-Booja’s story. […]

  22. Trish

    Outstanding products. Im a fan. The only product available that is truly delicious on a soy and dairy free existence. Just as well they are difficult to find and expensive otherwise my pension would.disappear..Congratulations on your wonderful journey.

    • louise c

      Hi Trish, thanks so much for letting us know how much you like our products. We’re sorry you find them difficult to find (have you got a local stockist you can buy from regularly?) and expensive – we are always trying to keep our prices as affordable as possible while not compromising on taste or the quality of our ingredients. We hope you manage to enjoy them as much as possible and we hope you’ll continue to love them!

  23. Alex De Freitas

    I have recently opened a small restaurant/take away specializing in gluten dairy free and vegan food in Poole Dorset. I would love to stock your chocolates. please could you pass this message on the relevant department. What an amazing story and product range. regards alex

  24. Emily Pearl Campbell

    I have been eating Booja-Booja chocolates pretty much since I came to England, many years ago, and every time I have one, they invoke a new emotion. Just now, I had one to cheer me up from the January blues, then decided to research your story and ended up reading this magical tale! Thank you, Booja-Booja, for creating such delight for me and all of the people that I give your chocolates to to pass along the magic.

  25. Carol burgess

    I have recently turned to a vegan diet after being vegetarian for many years. My downfall would have been chocolate had I not discovered your truffles. My daughter’s mother’s day gift was a small box of these, and now i am totally hooked. In my opinion, your truffles are far better than any dairy based chocolate. I can’t wait to try out the ice cream. Thank you.

  26. Maz Indigos mum

    So I bought your chocolate as it was on sale and whilst the box caught my eye the prices choked me. However a lady who was also looking explained that “the chocolates are just another level” all vegan chocolate I had had was just satisfying. These chocolates make me make all kinds of sounds (face palm) the taste is beyond words and it’s organic. So dammmm amazing I gave them to my daughter ( a little bit as it’s hard to share) and money ain’t a thang for such quality and delight. Thank you and don’t change your prices. It teaches me to not eat the whole box :/ THANK YOU for creating such a taste.

  27. Ann Ryan

    I have been on a gluten, dairy and sugar free diet for over six months, and having to give up my usual treats (chocolate and ice cream) left me feeling very deprived until I discovered Booja Booja’s delightful range of goodies. Words cannot describe the joy and pleasure I experience whenever I indulge myself with Booja Booja’s caramel pecan praline ice cream. Thank you Booja Booja, You’re Simply The Best.

    • Louise

      Thanks for your lovely comment. We’re delighted that our delicious treats have brought you so much pleasure!

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