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“Top 10” Odes to Booja-Booja

We were delighted, enthralled and amused by all the fabulous entries to our Valentine’s ‘Ode to Booja-Booja’ competition. So as well as the 3 winning entries (one each from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) that were picked at random, we want to share some of our favourite entries.

We’re sorry we can’t give prizes to everyone but we are so very grateful for all your wonderful words. Reading the poems has given us a fascinating insight into how our yummy truffles touch your lives. It was a real pleasure to read SO many funny, happy, romantic, clever rhymes but here (in no particular order) are our ‘TOP 10’ Odes to Booja-Booja:


  1. The sky opens. Music plays. My body soothes. One. Just one press against my lips. The sensation melting through my mouth. Chocolate. Sweet heavenly chocolate. Booja Booja chocolate
  1. booja booja truffles, you make my heart do shuffles and my mouth do happy muffles.
  1. A name that deserves a sing-song repetition
    Booja-Booja, a cocoa-rich magician
    Roll me in chocolate and hide me in a truffle
    I wouldn’t make even a squeak
    It’s a charming proposition
    I bow to the 37 souls, who present such beauty
    Sourcing many rich things, to fulfil their duty
    Oh to be in the Booja-Booja clan
    Dancing in the kitchen
    with the scent of ginger and champagne
    Treasuring each fine luxurious cutie
  1. B eautiful
    O rganic
    O riginal
    J oyous
    A ddictive
  1. Booja Booja truffles they taste so sublime
    So amazing and delicious I could eat them all the time
    I love that they are healthy and even dairy free
    Perfect on their own or with a cup of tea!
  1. Booja Booja, hallelujah!
  1. Some Booja-Booja I will buy, Tasty enough to make any woman cry! Then walking on a beach, under a setting sky. I will pop the question, Marry me Sweetie Pie?
  1. Booja Booja Champagne chocs
    Better than diamond rocks
    Finest chocolates in the land
    Lets run away hand in hand
  1. A gorgeous man asked to marry me
    He knew I had to be dairy free
    He wanted me to have some chocs
    As much as my finger needed “rocks”
    He went to the local health food shop
    And he found the box that topped the lot
    Booja Booja was the brand
    A name that sounded oh so grand
    When he gave this wondrous box to me
    He watched my face light up with glee
    Not only was I to marry this lovely man
    He also knew that no girl can
    Survive without wondrous chocolate
    Or be alone without her mate
    Booja Booja always makes me smile
    They make chocs that top the pile
    Thank you for what you have done for me
    And thank you for being dairy free


  2. An ode to Booja-Booja choc, They are the tick to a tock, The crackers to cheese, Honey to bees, They make my tummy rock


And of course we must share the competition winners themselves:


From Facebook:

Dairy intolerant meant no chocolate, then i discovered booja booja, i felt so sad until my find, booja booja Tastes divine, oh how i wish thou were mine. Please booja booja be my valentine?


From Twitter:

Mr Booja how I love you so! Your raspberry truffles Your cherry cognacs Especially enjoyed around midnight


From Instagram:

Booja booja please be mine as it is my time, my valentines dream is to cheat really clean on the truffles that taste so divine. Do not hesitate as its not to late to make me live my fate. yours truly.


Thank you to everyone who entered our competition. Keep an eye on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more chances to win very soon. In the meantime, we hope you’ve enjoyed reading these as much as we have ♥ 

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