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Vegetarian Fashion Picks from Beyond Skin

To celebrate National Vegetarian Week we are delighted to bring you a guest blog from our friends at Beyond Skin, the luxury vegan footwear specialists. We hope you enjoy their bright and beautiful round-up of vegetarian fashion must-haves…

National Vegetarian Week is upon us! It’s a prime opportunity to celebrate the food, stories and traditions surrounding vegetarianism, and welcome the veggie-curious with open arms. There is an estimated 7 million vegetarians in the UK, and with the success of campaigns like Meatless Mondays and Veganuary, this number is on the rise. Alongside gorging on lots of delicious meat-free food, vegetarian living also involves wearing cruelty-free clothes and shoes, avoiding animal materials like fur and leather. Here’s the lowdown on the best vegetarian fashion brands creating stylish ethical alternative replica materials for those who love the look but don’t dig the cruelty.




Wilby’s bags are all PETA-approved vegan, and many of their designs use thick cork leather. Cork is the beau of the sustainable fashion ball, as it can be harvested without chopping down the tree, and naturally regenerates every few years. Plus, cork is water and flame resistant, so it’ll even survive a precarious water fight around a campfire, should you ever find yourself in that situation. Wilby bags are made in the UK, so you can be sure no workers or animals were exploited in the making of these bags.



Helen Moore

Helen Moore has been making luxurious faux fur accessories since 1982, and her new collection is bang on trend. Her faux fur is made of highly polished acrylic, and all her products are designed, made and distributed from North Devon. We love the fun vivid colour blocks in her Fresh & Acid collection for their boldness, but you can also find classic faux fur shrugs, wraps and hats on her website, alongside faux fur throws and cushions to make your home fluffier too.



Beyond Skin (3)

Here at Beyond Skin, we have something of a portfolio of stylish vegetarian replica materials on our shoes. Our faux suede is made using the same material as Jaguar & Mercedes-Benz car interiors, meaning it’s super durable and doesn’t watermark like animal suede. Our vegetarian leather is completely breathable, as are our recycled faux leather linings. In our latest collection, we also print a snakeskin pattern on our faux leather, to celebrate the beauty of nature without harming it. Whatever vegetarian alternative you want, we’ve got it covered.




Shrimps designer Hannah Weiland was the talk of the town during London Fashion Week earlier this year, with Alexa Chung and Liv Tyler among her fans. She likes having “a guilt-free conscience” by using animal-friendly alternatives in her designs. Her brand is famous for its bold colours and sense of humour, with her take on the fur pom pom keyring being a case in point (this keyring is based on Weiland’s adorable pet poodle Lionel McGruff).



Stella McCartney

A round up of vegetarian fashion simply wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Stella McCartney. Renowned for being a pioneer in designer vegetarian fashion, she uses vegetarian leather in her entire Falabella bag collection. What’s more, her Fur Free Fur label has been a huge success. The faux fur is made of 100% Modacrylic, and is proof to the rest of the world of designer fashion that faux fur can be just as luxurious and glamorous without any of the cruelty to animals.


Beyond Skin is a team of passionate people dedicated to, in their own words, “creating gorgeous, empowering footwear for discerning, style-led ladies”. Find out more about them and browse their current collection of ethical, eco-friendly shoes, boots and sandals.

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