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What does ‘healthy’ mean to you?

At this time of year there’s a lot of talk about being healthy, but what exactly does that mean? That’s the question we asked you at the end of December in our online poll. Now we’re happy to reveal the results.

Our first question was this: Just thinking about food, what does ‘healthy’ mean to you? Only choose one! We offered 12 answers (plus a ‘none of the above’ option) and the most popular choice was… drum roll please…

Avoiding processed food e.g. pastries or bread or crisps and cakes picked by 29% of you.
Eating more fruit and vegetables was close behind in second place with 24.6% of the vote.
Going vegetarian or vegan came in third, chosen by 13% of you. 

To give you the full picture, here’s a chart showing all the options and the votes cast:


We then asked for your second choice and the winner this time was:

Eating more fruit and vegetables with a 25% share of the vote.

The breakdown for the second choice was this:

And to complete the picture, if you felt that none of our choices really defined healthy for you, what did you think? The answer was pretty clear:

Balance and moderation, which was by far and away the most popular answer, given by 67% of those who filled in this box.

Thank you to everyone who took part in this survey, we’ve loved finding out what you think and it’s been a great reminder that being ‘healthy’ is a very personal thing and means something different to each of us. Whatever ‘being healthy’ means to you, we hope you manage it and stay healthy, happy and feeling good today and every day!







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