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Why chilled chocolates?

What’s the big deal with keeping Booja-Booja truffles in the fridge? Most other chocolates are fine just sitting on the shelf, so what’s so special about Booja-Booja? If you’ve asked this question you are not alone. But fear not, here’s the answer and, like most things Booja-Booja, it all comes down to deliciousness…

Our chocolate truffles are special, and we’re very proud of that. They are made with just a few simple, organic ingredients using a process we’ve refined over many many years to ensure the perfect balance of tastes and textures; the perfect ‘crack’ when you bite the shell and the perfect melt as you savour the finely tuned flavour.

Our truffles are made, artisan-style, primarily by hand and we don’t use artificial preservatives, stabilisers, emulsifiers, flavourings or additives.

This is why our truffles taste so gorgeous – and why they’re about as wholesome and healthy as chocolates can be. It’s also why they’re delicate and quite sensitive to heat.

We know how exquisite our truffles taste when they’ve just been made and we’d really like you to enjoy them as close to that moment of perfection as possible. But we also want them to be widely available, through our network of stockists throughout the UK. Our aim is to sell premium “chocolate shop” quality truffles in handy packs and boxes you can share with friends at lunchtime or enjoy in front of the TV with a cuppa, as well as beautiful gift boxes you can give to the special people in your life.

We’ve been testing and trialling, experimenting and assessing for years and years and we’ve come to the conclusion that to ensure that our truffles reach you in truly tip top condition, they need to be kept and stored in a chilled environment.

  • Chilling the truffles maintains their delicately balanced texture

  • Chilling the truffles ensures they don’t lose their uniquely characterful flavour

  • Chilling the truffles means they look, taste and feel completely delicious

Some flavours are more robust than others and some will survive in warmer temperatures for longer than others. These flavours tend to feature in our ambient ranges. Some shops (including most supermarkets) are able to maintain a ‘room temperature’ that is just about cool enough to keep these truffle flavours from getting heat damaged. But all of our truffles taste better when they’ve been stored below 5°C and they’ll taste their absolute best when they’ve been stored chilled and then given time (anything from 10-25 minutes) to come up to room temperature. If you’re looking for Booja-Booja perfection that’s the way to go!

Our newest flavours, Honeycomb Caramel and Toffee Strudel, have only been made possible because we know these particular truffles will always be kept chilled. This is why our new Six-Truffle Treat Packs, Twelve Truffle Gift Boxes and The Wonderbox can only be found in chiller cabinets. The future is delicious, the future is chilled… the future is here! So check out the fridge and discover the very best of Booja-Booja today.

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