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New Recipe, Bigger Smiles!

Here at Booja-Booja HQ, we’re always reviewing and refining our scrummy ice cream recipes to make them taste even better; testing, tasting and tweaking our way towards our goal of heavenly ice cream perfection! Lately we’ve been focusing on vanilla; Keep Smiling Vanilla M’Gorilla to be exact, available by the pot in it’s own right, but also used as the base for our gorgeous fruity Raspberry Ripple ice cream. And we’ve made some changes that we’re very excited about!

Creating exquisite vanilla ice cream is all about balance. We don’t use additives, preservatives or any artificial sweeteners or emulsifiers, so our challenge is to find just the right balance between a handful of simple, organic ingredients, each with their own distinctive, if subtle, flavour. To create a creamier, richer and more satisfying taste sensation we’ve now added one more ingredient to the 4 we’ve always used. Our vanilla and vanilla-based ice creams now contain coconut syrup.

Coconut syrup is made from caramelised coconut flower nectar, which is the sweet sap that comes from the stems of flowering coconut blossom. So, what does it bring to the vanilla party? Well, coconut syrup has a deep, sweet taste with caramel notes that enhance the creaminess of the ice cream giving it more depth and a more rounded, richer flavour that is even more delicious than before! Adding coconut syrup increases the number of ingredients in our pots from 4 to 5 for Keep Smiling Vanilla M’Gorilla and from 5 to 6 for Raspberry Ripple.¬†We think it’s more than worthy of its place and we hope you’ll agree.

Our new recipe ice creams will start appearing in freezers over the next few weeks and months, so look out for the new pots and give them a go. We’d love to know what you think so please send us a message and let us know.





  1. David Cooper

    I am very disappointed that you have added coconut to these ice creams as I do not tolerate coconut at all and will have to look for alternative vegan products

    • Kirsty

      So sorry to hear that you’re intolerant to coconut, David. We do have two flavours of Dairy Free ice cream which don’t contain coconut – you can still enjoy Hunky Punky Chocolate and Hazelnut Chocolate Truffle Dairy Free Ice Creams.

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