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Christmas Window Competition

Giant Truffle

Have you seen our super duper window display in Whole Foods Market on High Street Kensington in London? It features a mouth-wateringly giant Booja-Booja chocolate truffle!

We’re incredibly excited to have created the most enormous Booja-Booja Chocolate Truffle ever, and to have it gently rotating in the window of Whole Foods Market between our glittering brand new Twelve Truffle Gift Boxes. And to have some fun this festive season, we’re offering one lucky winner the chance to receive a delivery of delicious divine Booja-Booja Organic Chocolate Truffles every month for a year!


Whole Foods market window


All you need to do is tell us how many real, regular sized Booja-Booja truffles, stacked together, you think it would take to make a real WHOLE truffle the same size as the one in the window. As you can see, the giant truffle in the window is cut open, but we’re looking for the number of truffles it would take to make a WHOLE truffle, the same size!


Truffle cut open


If you’re planning a trip to London this Christmas, you could pop down to Whole Foods Market UK on High Street Kensington​, check out the window, then have a guess. Alternatively, you could simply study our pictures and have a guess. As they say, ‘You’ve got to be in it, to win it!‘ and you’re definitely better off taking a guess than missing out altogether. 10 runners up will also receive The Wonderbox, a prize definitely worth putting your hat in the ring for.

You’ve got till 9am on 2nd Jan to enter the competition.



  1. jackie rushton

    My guess is 1,800!

  2. Helen Smyth

    922 regular truffles 👍

  3. Richard Palmer

    I think the answer is 14,725 truffles!

  4. Ivy major

    I think 1,000000 truffles

  5. Marie Beste

    I guess it would need 1400 truffles to make the giant one!i love your chocolates! Divine!

  6. Gisela Barrington

    It would take 700 truffles to make a giant one.

  7. Emma Messenger

    I think that there are 24680 truffles

  8. Jacqueline

    I think about 15470 truffles

  9. Lynda

    My guess, and also my dream to win, would be 1200 booja booja chocolates!

  10. Claire Ash-Wilson

    Number of truffles – 192000

  11. Sharon Wormald

    i think 2600 truffles in the window display

  12. Joanne Exley

    1012 is my guess

  13. Lisa Pearce

    I think there are 2960 truffles in the giant truffle.

  14. Christine stearman

    3000 truffles to make a large one.

  15. Paula Drury-larkin

    My guess is 4100.

  16. Jonathan Larkin

    My guess is 3600

  17. Nikki johns

    The most amazing chocolates!! I’m going to guess 4500.

  18. Maria Green

    I think it would take 1000 truffles.

  19. Rebecca Burns

    8495 is my guess

  20. Hayley Johnson

    875 truffles to make 1 large truffle

  21. Melanie Daniels

    879 individual truffles!

  22. Nikki Chetwynd

    1100 truffles 🤞

  23. Dominique cristofoli

    756 truffles ❤️ yum

  24. Maxine Mitchell

    I think 3400 to make the whole truffle

  25. Ashley Matthews

    My guess for how many truffles to make the giant one is 5670

  26. Lucie Harkin

    I think about 4800 truffles would be needed

  27. Emma Salt

    I think its 4,500

  28. Hayley Scott

    25000 truffles, they are normally far too small, this is perfect :p

  29. Ilona Meier

    I guess 6000 normal sized truffles!

  30. Clare OREILLY

    5586 truffles to make a whole window one

  31. Jane Smith

    I guess 2800, or thereabouts! So much chocolate!

  32. Rachel McLaughlin

    125,000 truffles to make the large chocolate truffle 😋

  33. Michelle Olley

    I think 27,000 truffles!

  34. Mrs Joanne Moore

    I think 725 yummy regular sized truffles would make one massive super duper delicious truffle! Yum yum in my tum! Fingers crossed I am the winner 😊😊😊 🍫 🍫 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫

  35. Jo Moore

    I think 3452 truffles

  36. Donna Marie Atkins

    I think it would take 3500 truffles

  37. Hannah

    I think you could fit 672 of the regular sized truffles into the whole huge one.

  38. Bonny Mayorga

    1200 truffles approx I think makes up the huge wedge of booja booja.

  39. Sally

    Not sure where to enter competition. ..? Would guess 6500

  40. Elaine holton

    35000 truffles😋😋😋😋

  41. Mary Whittington

    I guess 5832 regular-sized truffles.

  42. Gwladys

    My guess is 303 truffles were needed to create this big monster truffle!

  43. Gwladys

    My guess is: 3030 truffles were needed to create this big monster truffle!

  44. Kerry

    I think 2229 truffles to make the big one

  45. Ailsa

    801 little truffles to make the humongous one!

  46. Wendi Smith

    I think there are 3,865 truffles to make a whole big truffle . Yummmmmm

  47. lisa tolchard

    550 In this giant block of yumminess

  48. Elizabeth Anne Smith-Dane

    That looks amazing!! I would guess at 30 stacked up from this pic. Liz –

  49. Elizabeth

    3049 truffles to make a big one

  50. Judith Drake

    I think it would take about 2680 regular truffles to make one whole giant one!

  51. Joanna lazzarini

    Hi 30,000 books booja

  52. Caroline lazzaini

    Hi 13,000 booja booja thankyou caroline

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